AllAdvantage spam complaint addresses

These email addresses were valid as of 1999. Please use them responsibly to report email or Usenet spamming by AllAdvantage agents. Please don't abuse them. The official AllAdvantage spam complaint address is . After many, many useless complaints to AllAdvantage, I now also send a copy of each complaint to . (Frontiernet hosts the AllAdvantage website .) If the spam persists after that, try one of the other AllAdvantage addresses and one of the other Frontiernet/GBLX/Globalcenter addresses.

AllAdvantage spam complaint addresses: Frontiernet/GBLX/Globalcenter spam complaint addresses:

These sites list Alladvantage's advertisers. Email one of the advertisers and politely tell them why you are boycotting their product. Enclose a copy of the latest Alladvantage spam that you received.

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