What kind of person supports gun control?


Criminals prefer unarmed victims. So common sense tells us that the gun control lobby should be full of criminals.

  • Americans For Gun Safety founder Andrew McKelvey admits securities fraud
  • Archbishop Weakland protected child molestor and sexually assaulted man
  • Ben Gelt arrested as part of Washington DC drug ring
  • Brady Anti-Gun Group Pays $26G FEC Fine
  • George Soros convicted of illegal insider trading
  • Rosie O'Donnell admits to perjury and deadly cancer threat
  • Hypocrites

    The gun control lobby's motto has always been "The ends justify the means." For example, the Million Mom March tricked San Francisco General Hospital into illegally providing the MMM with free office space. That attitude carries over into everything that gun control lobbyists do. More gun deaths means more support for gun control. So nobody should be surprised that gun control lobbyists shoot people. However, I was surprised that they had the foresight to teach children that "The only purpose of guns is to kill people" and then buy guns for those same children.

  • Annette "Flirty" Stevens arrested for illegal gun and drugs - president of a chapter of the Million Mom March
  • Carl Rowan used illegal handgun to shoot at children
  • Million Mom Marcher Barbara Graham shoots innocent man Kikko Smith
  • Sarah Brady helps her son Scott Brady avoid the Brady criminal background check
  • Jerks

    If you were as much of a jerk as the following examples then you would support gun control too. You can certainly understand why jerks like this are afraid of getting shot.

  • Jon Bellamy hopes families of gun-rights supporters suffer slow painful deaths
  • Rosie O'Donnell admits to perjury and deadly cancer threat
  • Terrorists

    One way to prevent gun deaths is to use explosives to destroy all the guns and kill all the people.

  • Johnny Ray Gobin threatens to blow up airport to eliminate one rifle

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