Review of Cabela's store in Kansas City, Kansas, USA

Date of review was Tuesday 1 July 2003

Cabela's is a mammoth catalog retailer that sells hunting, camping, fishing, boating, ATV, and survival equipment. Cabela's also operates a few retail stores.

I drove through Kansas City on my way to Denver so I stopped at the new Cabela's store just west of Kansas City. Directions: First take I70 west from Kansas City. Then take I435 North to State Avenue West (State Route 24/40). Telephone: 913-328-0322. GPS Coordinates: N 39 7.230" W 94 48.933"

I dragged my wife in with me. She went along just to humor me but perked up considerably after seeing the the freshwater fish aquarium and wildlife exhibits, got downright cheerful in the women's clothes department, then disappeared into the Bargain Cave until I dragged her out of there to get some lunch at the restaurant inside the store.

The store had plenty of stuff that is not in the catalogs, not even in the giant 1696 page catalog that Cabela's just sent to some customers. In particular the Cabela's store contained lots of small camping and survival items that are not in the catalog. Also a wide selection of firearms. The cheapest pistol that I saw was $285 and the most expensive shotgun was $14995. (That price is not a mistake!) Plus more camo clothing than I have ever seen in one place before and dozens of different kinds of socks.

If you are there at meal time then get one of the Bison sandwiches from the restaurant on the second floor. Smoked bison on whole-wheat bread with pepperjack cheese, sweet red onions, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise added up to the best sandwich that I have ever had.

The store was very quiet and uncrowded in the morning but more customers arrived after lunch. The camping department on the second floor gets crowded first so try to cover that in the morning.

The only minus was that the store was downright cool (about 65 degrees F) on a hot summer day and my wife was chilly in her shorts and sleeveless shirt. We left after about 4 hours but might have stayed longer if she hadn't been cold.

I highly recommend stopping at a Cabela's store if you are anywhere near one. Very worthwhile for hunters, campers, fishermen, boaters, and survivalists.

The main Cabela's website is at and you can order directly from the website, request a printed catalog, or find the nearest Cabela's store by clicking on the Retail Stores link. You can also get a no-annual-fee Cabela's VISA credit card that gives rebates that can be used to purchase Cabela's merchandise. No, I don't work for Cabela's. Just a happy customer.

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