Handgun Video from Jeff Cooper - Handgun Safety A Basic Guide

The firearms videotape by Jeff Cooper titled "Handgun Safety A Basic Guide" is advertised as a gun safety video but it is really more than that. The video consists of an introduction, a quick primer on firearm safety, and several practical handgun shooting demonstrations. The demonstrations make up the bulk of the 59 minute video. Jeff Cooper and his assistant show and explain proper handgun shooting stances and techniques at a target range.

The accuracy and speed of the shooting are the most interesting parts of the video. Casually and without any apparent strain, Jeff Cooper and his assistant hit targets dead-on with a handgun when ordinary shooters would have trouble doing as well with a rifle. Most of the shooting exercises were deliberately slowed down to make them easier to see. Once or twice Jeff Cooper forgets that he is being filmed and does something at his normal speed. Your VCR's freeze-frame feature will come in handy at those times.

At the time of the filming, Jeff Cooper was president of the Gunsite Raven Corporation (which teaches shooting classes), Chairman of the International Practical Shooting Federation (IPSC), and director of the Pistol Institute.

On the plus side, this video shows a master artist at the top of his form. His achievements should fill beginning shooters with enthusiasm and inspire normal shooters to reach for greatness. Even if you fancy yourself an expert shooter you will still learn something from this videotape.

On the minus side, this video is very definitely a low-budget production. It was filmed with a single camera at medium range. Extreme closeups and slow motion would have been helpful but neither is found in this video. My other complaints verge upon the petty. Jeff Cooper's introductory speech goes on longer than it should have. In a couple of instances Jeff Cooper points a loaded gun at the camera during a demonstration and I think that sets a bad example even if the camera is unmanned.

Overall, this is a worthy addition to the video library of anyone interested in handgun shooting, especially fast precise target shooting.

The videotape was produced by Morris Video. It is in VHS format for USA televisions (NTSC format). The ISBN is 1-55746-106-6.

It was available from the publishers of Guns Magazine through Publishers Development Corporation (PDC). I paid $19.95 plus $6.00 shipping for my copy in February 2002. (Outside the USA shipping is $16.00.) Unfortunately, Guns Magazine can't get the video anymore as of September 2005. If you know of a source for the video then please contact Jan Fischer at Publishers Development Corporation.

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