How to increase gun violence

Make heroes out of gun murderers. Antioch College honored cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal by choosing him as their commencement speaker.
Source: Antioch College honors gun murderer Mumia Abu-Jamal

Glorify school murderers. Time Magazine selected Charles Williams as their Person Of The Week after he shot and killed two fellow students. There were three copycat school shootings in the following 2 weeks. School shootings sell magazines. Unfortunately, Time Magazine knows that.
Source: Person of the Week -- Charles 'Andy' Williams

Sabotage law enforcement. The Clinton-Gore administration cut the number of federal gun law prosecutions "almost by half from 1992 through 1997."
Source: Dayton Daily News newspaper, Dayton, Ohio, 10 December 2000, page 13A.

Pardon gun-running terrorists. President Bill Clinton pardoned a dozen Puerto-Rican terrorists to help his wife Hillary Clinton win the Senate race in New York. These criminals illegally supplied guns and explosives to the FALN terrorist group. FALN has killed more than 100 people so far. They'll be able to kill more now that their best suppliers are free.

Set an example. Million Mom March co-organizer Barbara Lipscomb Graham spoke against gun violence at the march. Then she grabbed one of her handguns and shot an innocent man.
Source: Million Mom March co-organizer shoots innocent man

Vote for politicians who claim they favor "gun control". More gun deaths means more votes for anti-gun politicians. Unfortunately, the politicians know that.

Download this flyer and distribute copies at the next "gun-control" rally in your area. To download the flyer in Microsoft Word97 format, right-click on this Word97 link and choose Save As. To download the flyer in HTML format, right-click on this HTML link and choose Save As. You can preview the flyers without saving them by merely left-clicking on each link.

You can find more great gun-related links in My Bookmarks including gun safety, technical information, politics, why the Fifth Amendment allows convicted felons to ignore gun registration laws, the failures of the Brady Bill and other so-called "gun-control" laws, and gun and ammunition suppliers. Just look at the section under General > Guns.

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