Americans For Gun Safety founder Andrew McKelvey admits securities fraud

The founder of Americans For Gun safety, Andrew McKelvey, supports gun control because criminals prefer unarmed victims and he is a criminal.

"Monster Worldwide Inc.'s former chief executive, Andrew McKelvey, admitted in federal court that he routinely backdated employee stock options, but under an unusual "deferred prosecution" agreement, he will avoid serving any time in prison." source: "McKelvey Admits Monster Backdating", The Wall Street Journal, 24 January 2008, page B4.

"Monster Worldwide, the online employment search company, agreed on Monday to settle charges it was involved in a multi-year scam to secretly backdate stock options granted to thousands of its officers, directors, and employees. According to a complaint filed in New York federal court by the Securities and Exchange Commission, between 1997 and 2007, Monster defrauded investors by granting backdated, undisclosed "in-the-money" stock options while failing to record required non-cash charges for option-related compensation expenses." source: "Monster settles SEC allegations, pays $2.5M fine", Boston Business Journal, 18 May 2009 online edition.

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