Interesting quotes from the trial of gun control lobbyist Barbara Graham who helped organize the Million Mom March - also known as Barbara Lipscomb

"You'll learn at that funeral she had a gun, she pulled out a gun partially. This woman was distraught." - defense lawyer Douglas Woods, admitting that gun control lobbyist Barbara Graham was in the habit of carrying an illegal concealed weapon before she shot Kikko Smith.

"There was LePier's 45 with the extended clip with the colorful rubber bands on it and black, brown handle." - Kikko Smith, describing the handgun that Barbara Graham's son LePier Clemmons normally carried illegally. Barbara Graham later used that same gun to shoot Kikko Smith.

"He yelled out, he came out of the car and yelled out, excuse me for my language, you bitch ass nigger you shot the wrong person." - Kikko Smith, describing how Barbara Graham's accomplice Erskine Moorer informed Barbara Graham that the person she had just shot was not the person she was gunning for.

"I saw her on TV at the Million Woman March" - Kikko Smith, testifying as to the moment that he realized the person who shot him was Barbara Graham.

"... my opinion would be that he's a peaceful person and nonviolent person." - police investigator Juanita Eggleston, testifying about Erskine Moorer's reputation before he started dating Barbara Graham's daughter.

Interesting quotes from the sentencing of gun control lobbyist Barbara Graham

"This crime affected my life in so many ways. I'm a 23 year old young man. Before this crime, I was a healthy young man. My injuries of gunshot wounds caused a punctured lung, a broken rib, a shot in the foot and a shot in the spinal cord which resulted in paralysis. I had a tracheotomy, I was on life machine for three months, could not eat, I was fed through a tube. I have been in and out of the hospital due to my condition. ... My children treat me differently now. I'm not able to walk my children to school, run and play basketball. ... The defendants never said that they were sorry and never showed any remorse." - Kikko Smith, after he was shot by gun control lobbyist Barbara Graham and her accomplice Erskine Moorer.

"This is a very, very serious case. And the jury who listened to the evidence in this case found you guilty of the most serious charges. And I agree with the jury's verdict." - Judge Michael L. Rankin, before sentencing Barbara Graham to serve ten years to life in prison.

The trial was in the Superior Court Of The District Of Columbia and the trial judge was Michael L. Rankin. The court case number was F423600 and the trial started 23 January 2001. The sentencing was on 26 June 2001 and the sentencing judge was also Michael L. Rankin. The trial transcripts are available from the Court Reporter Service at telephone number 202-879-1010. The trial transcript costs $675 and the sentencing transcript costs another $15.

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