Survival equipment reviews plus recalls of cars, toys, and other dangerous items


  • A. M. Leonard RB60 rain barrel
  • Eveready LED Headlamp HD33A1EN
  • Grundig Mini World 100 PE shortwave radio for bugout bag
  • L.L. Bean "Trail Model Pack" WJ46390 day pack / backpack / bugout bag
  • Platypus flat water storage bottles - flat canteen
  • Silva 609 compass
  • BackpackGearTest.Org has reviews and field tests of backpacking gear.
  • Equipped To Survive reviews survival gear at their "Gear & Equipment" link.
  • Recalls lists all US Government recalls of dangerous consumer products (including outdoor gear and toys), cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, food, medicine, cosmetics, and environmental products.

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