Emergency preparedness and survival information


United States Department Of Homeland Security emergency preparedness website is the best place for beginners to start.

Captain Dave's Survival Guide website is the next step up in preparation.

Wayne Aiken's Survival Website provides links to advanced information and Wayne's list of recommended suppliers.

Countryside Magazine teaches how to live cheaply and raise your own food.

American Survival Checklist (652KB Microsoft Word file) helps identify which threats to prepare for and lists recommended supplies. I paid $5 for a printed copy of this checklist a few years ago and it was worth every penny. Cliff at Ponderosa Sports gave me written permission to post it on my website so now you can get it for free. The checklist is designed for adult men. Add diapers, baby wipes, feminine hygiene items, and other supplies appropriate for your family. The checklist is in Microsoft Word format. If you don't have Microsoft Office on your computer then you will need to download the free Microsoft Word viewer from Microsoft.

Gun Safety and other firearms information will help you decide what guns to buy (if any) and help you handle them safely. Warning: Guns may do more harm than good if anyone in your household is emotionally unstable, immature, intoxicated, or just plain crazy.

Self defense links and information from Instant Knowledge News discusses criminal attacks and how to deal with them. Covers martial arts, "street-proofing" children, use of firearms, canes, pepper spray, etc.

Survival equipment reviews plus recalls of cars, toys, and other dangerous items

Fanny pack survival kit

Mike Medintz Bugout Bag FAQ 2.21

Patton Turner water FAQ

Alan Hagan food storage FAQ

Prepare for hurricane season

Recommended suppliers of survival gear

Cabelas sells clothing, hunting, fishing, camping, and survival gear at low to moderate prices. Big selection of boots and shoes. Here is a review of Cabela's Kansas City store.

Fox Ridge Outfitters sells high-quality hunting and survival gear at reasonable prices. Also has good selection of hunting and survival books, beautiful jewelry suitable for gifts to women, and old-fashioned wool hunting clothing. They repair Thompson / Center firearms and sell T/C spare parts. The clear pictures in their printed catalog show you exactly what you are getting.

Brigade Quartermasters specializes in military, police, and survival equipment. Their customers are mostly soldiers and police officers.

US Cavalry is similar to Brigade Quartermasters but has more military gear and less police gear than BQ. They recently added exotic and expensive survival items including a chemical decontamination trailer.

Cheaper Than Dirt is most famous for their low prices on ammunition but they also sell plenty of military surplus, hunting, and camping equipment.

Ponderosa Sports sells hunting, camping, and survival equipment. They recently added quilts and craft items that make good gifts for women.

TAPCO specializes in parts for your SKS, MAK, AK, FAL, and AR15 hunting rifles. Also has some military surplus, gun books, and survival gear. TAPCO has great service and low prices.

A. G. Russell Knives sells unusual high-quality knives that are as beautiful as they are useful. These knives are great gifts for people that you really love. Prices are moderate.

Smoky Mountain Knife Works sells an enormous assortment of knives at low prices.

More suppliers of survival gear

Long Life Food Depot stocks Meals Ready To Eat (MRE) including complete meals, entrees, individual food items, and MRE heaters. They aren't the cheapest but they probably have the widest selection and best service. MRE last up to seven years if stored at room temperature. LLFD has been dropped from the recommended list because of their junk email "spam" problem. If you order from LLFD online then they will add your email address to their mailing list without asking your permission. They will remove your address if requested. However, the next time you order, they will start spamming you again.

South Summit sells camping and survival gear including water treatment supplies, water storage containers, and hand-operated water pumps. South Summit is not on the recommended list because their "free with order" items aren't always as described. (For example, the free "LED" flashlight may be an old-fashioned incandescent bulb flashlight.)

Sportsman's Guide is best described as unpredictable. Sportsman's Guide has a big selection of good quality camping, hunting, and survival gear at low prices. Sportsman's Guide also sells plenty of junk at high prices. Catalog descriptions may be wrong and they may accidentally ship you something completely different than what you ordered. Still, Sportsman's Guide is an honest company and they will refund your money if you return an item. Plan on returning every third item that you buy from them. Note: Ask for your money back. Don't try to get an item exchanged. In my experience, once Sportsman's Guide screws up an order their attempts to fix the error will only make it worse.

You can find more survival-related links in My Bookmarks by looking at the section under General > Survival.


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