Review of L.L. Bean "Trail Model Pack" WJ46390 day pack / backpack / bugout bag

An earlier version of this review was posted to misc.survivalism on 6 February 2004

Re: Whats a good cheap rucksack?

On Fri, 06 Feb 2004 05:54:00 GMT, Gunner wrote:

>I got to looking at my old ruck, and its about DOA.  
>What is a good, cheap (under $50) ruck, call it a 2 day bag for the
>clueless. Something with sufficient pockets to keep stuff separated. but
>with enough room for the basic 48 hr bug out stuff.
>Ive been using a "day bag", origin probably china, for the last couple
>years when needing a carryall, day trip bag, etc etc.
>Surplus is good, cheap is very good, cosmetics are of no importance.

The LL Bean "Trail Model Pack" day pack, item number WJ46390, is only $29.00 plus shipping as of February 2004.

The biggest advantage of this backpack is that it is too small. L.L. Bean claims the "Regular" size pack holds 1500 cubic inches but my rough measurements suggest it is closer to 1100. So you can't load more than 20 pounds of stuff in it. Twenty pounds is the point where most people leave the back pack behind because it is too darned heavy.

Unlike most day packs, this pack has two water bottle pockets on the sides. That is really important because if you can't get to your water easily then you won't drink enough. (I carry bottles of water in a cooler in my car, and grab a couple for the pack before putting it on.)

It has a waistbelt as well as two shoulder straps. Waistbelts increase comfort on long hikes.

The backpack is frameless. The part that goes against your back is lightly padded. It is comfortable if packed correctly.

However, the WJ46390 only has one main pocket plus a smaller easy-access pocket. So you will need ziploc bags or stuff sacks to keep things organized.

Strap your blanket roll (or sleeping bag) to the rear loops with rope or sleeping bag straps.

The "Regular" size pack seems designed for people with a height between 5 foot 8 inches and 6 feet. If you are taller than that then get the "Large" size pack which claims to be 200 cubic inches larger.

The L.L. Bean "Trail Model Pack" WJ46390 day pack is available from L. L. Bean at .

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