Fanny pack survival kit

This fanny pack survival kit is designed for both urban and wilderness. You can call this a mini bugout bag or a 24-hour kit if you like.

This kit is cheap. So you can pre-position several of them at work, in your health-club locker, home, a relative's house, etc.

It is small enough and light enough that you will actually carry it. (Your fifty-pound backpack won't do you any good if you left it behind because it is so heavy, bulky, and conspicuous.)

Contents (in no particular order)

change for vending machines and payphones
emergency rain poncho (cost $1 from Dollar General store)
matches (regular & lifeboat)
magnesium fire starter
compass (Silva Companion 609 or better)
fishhooks, line, and sinkers
two safety pins (for emergency repair of clothing)
two Band-Aids
wire saw
Platypus flat water bottle
Iodine water treatment tablets
combination bug repellent / sunscreen
3 travel-sized Kleenex packets (can use as TP)
3 paper towels
emergency mylar blanket
waterless hand cleaner (2 one-ounce bottles)
hotel-size bar of soap
LED keychain flashlight
quart-size ziploc bag
ear plugs
half-serrated fixed-blade knife with less than 3-inch blade (Larger blades may be considered "concealed weapons" in some areas.)

Possible additions and improvements

Spare pair of glasses or sunglasses
Canteen cup for boiling water
Use a fanny pack with attached water bottle pocket
Tiny FM radio with earbud headphones (cost between 99 cents and $3.99)
A map if you don't know the area very well (The single most important urban survival skill is knowing when to run and in which direction.)

Possible subtractions

If I had to cut the kit to make it all fit in a handgun fanny-pack case then I would eliminate:
lifeboat matches
magnesium fire starter
wire saw
one of the three travel-sized Kleenex packets
one of the three paper towels
one of the two bottles of waterless hand cleaner
hotel-size bar of soap
combination bug repellent / sunscreen
half-serrated knife (I already carry a Victorinox "Tinker" swiss army knife in my pocket.)

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