Prepare for Hurricane Season

Prepare for Hurricane Season

Assemble your disaster supply kit
* A 3 to 7 day supply of water.
* Nonperishable food, utensils, and a can opener.
* Battery powered radio.
* Flashlight & extra batteries.
* Any items for family members with special needs.
* First-aid kit.
* Extra cash.

Prepare your home
* Get storm shutters or pre-cut plywood to cover windows.
* Trim trees & remove yard debris.
* Make needed repairs to home (roof, skylights, doors, garage door & windows).
* Inventory belongings; store in a safe place.

Prepare your family & pets
* Develop & review family disaster plan. Be aware of local hurricane hazards & risks.
* Keep insurance policies in a secure, easily accessible location.
* Make advance arrangements for pets. Emergency shelters will not accept pets in most cases.
* Learn evacuation routes and prepare a place to stay if needed.

(The above list is from the nice folks at Langley Federal Credit Union, August 2005.)

Some more comments from me

Add sanitation supplies including paper towels, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and buckets & plastic trash bags (to store trash or human waste). Take plenty since you may be sick and need extras. Then double that amount.

Add specific "special needs" items including medicine, feminine hygiene items, diapers, and spare eyeglasses.

Add maps for local cities, your state, and surrounding states. Include backroads maps such as the DeLorme Gazeteer state maps. Also include a compass.

Add metal pan and matches for boiling water to purify it.

Add a contact list of phone numbers and addresses for every family member and friend who might evacuate with you, and everyone who might provide shelter to you.

Add earplugs. Shelters are noisy. The Houston Astrodome had public address announcements all day and into the night after Hurricane Katrina.

Add cellphone and charger, plus a charger that will work in your car. Add a satellite telephone if you are rich.

Add self-defense items such as pepper spray or firearms if you know how to safely store and use them. You won't be allowed to take them into a shelter but they may save your life in your home or on the road.

Print this list and keep it with your emergency supplies. Check it over before each hurricane season.

My website at has more lists for those who want to be super-prepared. Or use Google Groups search to search the Internet newsgroup misc.survivalism for more lists and expert advice.

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