Million Mom Marcher Barbara Graham shoots innocent man Kikko Smith - also known as Barbara Lipscomb

"You can't tell the kids to stop the violence with the mothers running around like this." --- Mary Ann Smith, after her son was shot by a Million Mom Marcher

After helping to organize the Million Mom March, and even speaking at the event, Barbara Graham was convicted of shooting an innocent man. Now he is paralyzed for life.

The Washington Post reported that "Police recovered three handguns and a TEC-9 submachine gun at her home." Note that the TEC-9 was banned by the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban (AWB).

Here are links to the news stories in the Washington Post. Bookmark this page before going to the Washington Post website because some Washington Post website pages disable your browser's BACK button.

  • Mother Accused Of Retribution Shooting After Son Was Slain
  • Woman Goes on Trial In Ambush Shooting
  • Mother Convicted in Shooting
  • Accomplice Convicted In Revenge Shooting
  • Mother Gets 10 Years to Life For Trying to Take Revenge
  • LePierre Clemmons - drug-dealing gun-toting son of Million Mom Marcher Barbara Graham
  • The prosecutor's office issued two press releases:
    Woman Sentenced for Shooting and Paralyzing Innocent Unarmed Man
    Second defendant convicted of all nine charges for shooting and paralyzing unarmed and innocent young man

    The prosecutor's press release only lists some of the charges. I called up the prosecutor's office and was told the remaining charges. The web page Million Mom Marcher Barbara Graham breaks seven different gun-control laws lists all of the gun control laws that this Murderous Million Mom (MMM) broke. The page Interesting quotes from the trial of gun control lobbyist Barbara Graham has quotes from trial testimony.

    Download the flyer with excerpts from the news stories and distribute copies at the next gun-control rally in your area. To download the flyer in Microsoft Word format, right-click on this Word link and choose Save As. To download the flyer in HTML format, right-click on this HTML link and choose Save As. You can preview the flyers without saving them by merely left-clicking on each link. You can also download a list of the criminal charges and print it on the back of the flyer. To download the charges in Microsoft Word format, right-click on this Word link and choose Save As. To download the charges in HTML format, right-click on this HTML link and choose Save As. These flyers are especially effective when printed on pink paper.

    Million Mom March (MMM) co-organizer Barbara Graham is also known as Barbara Lipscomb, Barbara Graham, Barbara Martin, Barbara Ann Lipscomb, Barbara Ann Graham, and Barbara Ann Martin. Her unarmed innocent victim is Kikko Smith and his mother is Mary Ann Smith. Kikko Smith will never walk again.

    Local law prevented Kikko Smith from carrying a concealed weapon to protect himself. But Million Mom March speaker Barbara Graham ignored that law and other laws. Gun control advocates only obey one rule: "The ends justify the means." How many more gun control lobbyists are illegally carrying concealed weapons? How many more gun control lobbyists have submachine guns in their homes?

    Honest people need the right to carry concealed weapons to protect themselves from these Murderous Million Mom Marchers. Every shooting means more money and power for gun-control businesses like the Million Mom March.

    Unfortunately, the Million Mom Marchers know that. They've already taken in millions of dollars under their five different aliases: Million Mom March, Million Mom March Foundation, Bell Campaign, Trauma Foundation, and Californians For Responsible Gun Laws. To the Million Mom Marchers, Kikko Smith's tragedy is just another money-making opportunity. For information on the Million Mom March's tangled web of financial deceit, check out the KABA article Fraudulent Gun Control Politics At The Million Mom March by Jim March and Nadja Adolf.

    You can find more great gun-related links in My Bookmarks including gun safety, technical information, politics, why the Fifth Amendment allows convicted felons to ignore gun registration laws, the failures of the Brady Bill and other so-called "gun-control" laws, and gun and ammunition suppliers. Just look at the section under General > Guns.

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