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This site is devoted to the heretical idea that a sharp axe is better than a dead chainsaw.

I snapped after seeing one too many dancing telephones on a corporate website. This website was designed as the opposite extreme. It features useful information that draws search engines like bees to honey, simple layout, links that actually work, and hand-coded HTML pages that load quickly. It has no complex backgrounds that make text unreadable, no ugly graphics that take forever to load, and absolutely no dancing telephones.

Simply the best links and information:
  • Anti-Spam Sites (get rid of junk email!)
  • Books
  • Computer tips
  • Emergency preparedness and survival
  • Financial planning and investing
  • Gun safety, gun control, and other firearms information
  • HTML Validator from W3C
  • Humor
  • Jobs in Dayton Ohio USA & nationwide <------ Updated 9 July 2011
  • Marketing on the Internet without Spamming
  • Military and Government
  • National Quaylitis Foundation
  • Political commentary and humor
  • Usenet Search Tools <------ Now includes link to Internet FAQ Consortium
  • WWW Search Engines
  • More links and information:
  • Rex Tincher Resume

  • Home

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